About Us

Odd Job Disposal, Inc. was officially established in January, 2007 by Tom Christensen and Aaron Walter as the founding partners.  Even though she is not an official partner, Tom’s wife, Jessica Christensen, has been equally involved from day one.  The three “partners” have built this business with the support and love of our families.  Odd Job Disposal is based on the foundation of honesty, respect and what customer service means to us!  At Odd Job, the goal is to see customers receive top-notch customer service at a fair and affordable rate.  Ideally, we want a happy staff who ultimately wants to be here and it shows in the way they treat their customers!  We have been so blessed to have an amazing team continuing to represent Odd Job Disposal!  We could not be more thankful! Odd Job Disposal was born after Tom and Jessica decided to purchase Odd Job Trucking from Tom’s mother in 2007, which consisted of roll-off dumpsters and a construction site clean-up company.  Next, Tom and Aaron went to New York to purchase their first garbage truck which was an adventure in itself.  If the truck went down, Tom and Aaron would take the pick-up truck out to get the trash.  The motto was and still is to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Tom’s father (also Tom), who passed in 2004, was a highly respected man in the industry as well as in life as a whole.  He instilled many qualities into Tom II that have continued to grow the business to this day.  Tom, Aaron and Jessica – although adjusting to the current times, hope that Tom is looking down and smiling on the “new” Odd Job!